Saturday, 29 October 2011

Frango (Petersham Charcoal Chicken), Bella Vista

Frango started in Petersham, in the heart of Sydney's Portuguese community. My family likes dining here (the Bella Vista branch) whenever we have the opportunity and that's to eat good food at reasonable prices. It's not a fine dining establishment or a restaurant with hats but a place I would recommend if you are looking for great authentic Portuguese food. Their charcoal chicken is so good it's probably the best Portuguese style chicken I've ever tasted and for the price it's really great value.

"Frango" means chicken in Portuguese.

Cod Fish and Tomatoes with thinly sliced Potatoes

Pork and Pipis

Marinated Baby Octopus
You can't beat this!

Bacalhau a Moda Do Porto (Cod Fish from Northern Portugal)

These are the real stars! Portuguese Charcoal Chicken

Frango Bella Vista
Ground floor shop 5
29-31 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153

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  1. When I go home the first thing I'm eating is the chicken.

    I LOVE IT!!!