Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cabra Crawl with Sydney Food Bloggers

Wow! I was one of six food bloggers selected to join the "Cabra Crawl."  I must admit though that this was my first time to meet some fellow food bloggers.  I was a bit nervous but otherwise super excited and honoured to have been part of a wonderful experience.

The food selections were excellently chosen by Thang Ngo of Noodlies.
First stop was to have pho at where else but Pho Viet.

How absolutely comforting this pho was!

Vinata's Hot Bread

Vinata's Pork Roll was a hit!
I later brought my hubby to this place and he absolutely enjoyed their Pork Roll.

Sugar Cane Juice (Nuoc Mia) at Thu Phung.

Thang Ngo of Noodlies and me enjoying our sugar cane juice.

The sugar canes are simply squashed in those machines and the juice extracted.

The cumquats were interesting additions providing a depth of flavour.

Goi Cuon  (Vietnamese Spring Rolls) at Bau Truong

Ca Zuc Banh Trang (Fish Curry) and Fried Sesame Rice Paper at Bau Truong
A stand out dish would be this! Great combination of flavours and loved the crunchy Asian feel of the rice paper.

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Lemon and Lime Crush with Lemongrass and Mint at Bau Truong

at Bau Truong

Banh Sua (Custard Cake)

Pandan Waffles

Our last stop... Cafe Nho.
Just off the main street.  

Orange Passion Fruit Shake

There's no doubt that Cabramatta is nothing short of a foodie's dream.  It's a vibrant busy place and emerging as a foodie's treasure trove in Sydney's South West. There's just so much waiting to be discovered- sights to see, culture to explore, history to learn and  of course, food to taste. Cabramatta is indeed a foodie's gold mine.

From Across the Kitchen Table would like to thank Thang of Noodlies, Fairfield City Council, Feast Magazine, Royal Umbrella and Lenovo.

Pho Viet
11 John Street, Cabramatta NSW
9728 6657

Vinata's Hot Bread
Shop 13, 1 Hughes St
Cabramatta NSW

Bau Truong 
42 John Stree, Cabramatta NSW
9727 4492 

Cafe Nho
Shop 7, Belvedere Arcade, Cabramatta NSW

Adam- Foodspotting
Oni- Fork It
Raff- Ramen Raff


  1. Looks like a great day out. I really want to try that fish curry with the crunchy rice paper - it looks so good.

  2. Hi Miss Piggy! It was indeed. Love your blog btw... been researching for some Melbourne eats. =)