Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Press Club, Melbourne

Excited! Excited! I was going to visit Melbourne again. It's my favourite city to visit for many reasons. It's a multifaceted intriguing city that constantly unveils mystery.  The place is bustling with diverse energy that's so vibrant and entertaining. I love that it has a European feel to it and there's nothing like the narrow laneways that are just waiting to be explored. I love it where you can be whoever you are and it's just an exciting place to be.

Our visit to Melbourne will not be complete without visiting George Calombaris' The Press Club. So here we are ready to indulge ourselves with good food.

View outside the restaurant.

We were given the chef's table. Observing the goings on in the kitchen provided great entertainment.

"Food is family, family is life, life is Everything." - George Calombaris

Olives in oil, black salt flakes and bread

 Bakliaro, Tzatziki and  Capers

Rabbit, Pancetta, Carrot

Mussel, Kritharaki, Creme Fraiche

Chef's ink, a lot of chefs nowadays seem to have them.

Kyria (Main)
Duck Leg, Fakes, Sprouts

Awww... Heaven!

Dessert (Epidorpio)
 Apple, Caramelised Phyllo, Pistachio

Dessert (Epidorpio)
Strawberries, Basil, Sokolata

 Selection of Sorbets, Ice Cream, Dried and Poached Fruits

Food is something that brings the family together.

The Press Club
72 Flinders Street
Melbourne 3000 Australia
03 9677 9677

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