Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chairman Mao, Kensington

I've been looking forward to dining in this restaurant for months but coming here only made me miss my paternal grandparents all the more. I will always miss the many travels we had to China. My grandparents felt it was important that we learn and experience more of our Chinese heritage.

Chairman Mao Restaurant serves Hunan cuisine which can be a spicier(and more oily) as compared to Sichuan cuisine which is hot and numbing. Tonight's meal didn't disappoint because the food was wonderfully authentic and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

Pickled radish

Marinated Beef with Spring Onions

Chopped Green Onion Pancake

Chairman Mao grew up in Hunan province and this red-braised pork belly was said to be his favourite.

Hunan Fried Rice

Steamed Fish Fillets with Pickled Hot Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

Certain to be popular with chilli lovers!

Chairman Mao
189 Anzac Parade, Kensington

 (02) 9697 9189

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  1. The dishes you ordered look really wonderful. I always wish I was dining at restaurants with people who know the cuisine really well as I often think I'm "missing out" on the good stuff as I don't know what to order.