Thursday, 19 September 2013

Moon Festival 2013, Cabramatta

Moon Festival otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival  中秋节 (pronounced: Zhōngqiū jié) is the second biggest and most important Chinese traditional holiday after New Year's (Spring Festival).
It has rituals that date back as long ago as 3,000 years.
The festival is held on the fifteenth day of the eighth month in the Chinese/Lunar calendar.
It is now celebrated by Asians everywhere.

Making and sharing mooncakes is one of the hallmark traditions of the Moon Festival.
Chinese moon cakes are usually round symbolizing full round moon and reunion of a family.
Green Tea Milk Moon Cake (on photo)

Vietnamese moon cakes are typically square.  
Taro Paste with 1 Yolk (on photo)

Beautiful moon cake container.

Light your lanterns.

Colours of the bright Spring palette.

Celebrating this festive event in Cabramatta.

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant's specialty, Peking Duck.

Paper art

Air Maxx 360

Colotako, Japanese seafood dumpling stall.
Gourmet Gozleme

Churrasco at Lifestyle Catering.

Majority of Cabramatta residents are Buddhists.

More than 90,000 people turned up to this year's Moon Festival at Cabramatta.

Insect treats from the Edible Bug Shop

Live cooking demonstration with MasterChef contestant, Alvin Quah.

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