Monday, 10 March 2014

Durban Dish, Baulkham Hills

Durban, the second biggest city in South Africa is also the home 
to the largest Indian community outside of India. Thus, Indian influences can be seen everywhere.
Through the years, Durban cuisine has evolved and developed its own unique character.  
The fusion of African and Indian flavours gives it an earthier, milder and more subtle taste. 
If you want something different, try Durban Dish.

Tastic Rice
South Africa's rice of choice, long grain parboiled yellow and white-fluffy grains

Bunny Chow
Half loaf of bread, hollowed and filled with chicken curry
It's a delicious and popular South African street food. 

Baked mince, dried fruit, nuts and topped with a set omelette-like layer
A must-try South African traditional dish.

Wor and Pap
Boerewor (beef) with pap (putu) and chakalaka

Durban Dish 
Shop 1/6 Old Northern Road,
Baulkham Hills, NSW

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  1. ive never heard of bunny chow before and it looks incredible!