Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bamiyan Afghan Cuisine, Dural

If you like Persian food, you will love Afghan cuisine
and if you love Afghan food, you will like Bamiyan.  

Afghan cuisine is an exciting fusion of flavours from the regions 
surrounding Afghanistan mainly Persia (Iran), India and Mongolia.
Dishes are filled with rich spices accompanied by dollops of homemade yoghurt.  
Very exotic, hearty and delicious. 
Once you get a taste you'll crave more.

Cherry Lassi (sweet cherry yoghurt drink)
Dough (salted yoghurt drink)

Ashaak (Dumpling), they are hugely popular and tastes amazing!

Kachaloo Bola nee (Served with yogurt sauce)
Traditional Afghani flat bread stuffed with potato, chopped onion shallot, coriander and spices cooked pan fried with yogurt sauce. 

Chopan Kebab and Bamiyan Grilled Chicken

 Kabuli Pallow (with Afghani Garlic Naan & Lamb Kuroot)
Traditional Afghan Rice, slowly cooked flavoured with cumin and cardamon
filled with chicken pieces topped with a layer of caramelised carrots, sultana and almond nuts, served with chicken korma.

Afghani Garlic Naan

Bamiyan Afghan Cuisine
12/829 Old Northern Rd Dural, NSW
(02) 965102828

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