Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Knafeh Bakery Pop-up in Glenhaven

Knafeh Bakery pop-up housed in a shipping container continues to bring Jerusalem to the streets of Sydney.
It brings the whole community together in one place for a common purpose that is
to have a taste of these freshly baked, delicious and creamy knafeh.

You'll see bakers with big beards dancing and singing to Middle Eastern music while making your desserts, 
keeping you entertained while you wait for your name to be called to pick up your knafeh. 
For the unfamiliar, this popular dessert is a Levantine sweet cheese dessert topped with crushed pistachios 
and soaked in sugar-based syrup. Also try their deliciously sweet Moroccan Tea spiced with cinnamon.

The Bearded Bakers' journey through The Hills.

A bearded baker taking our order.

3x Knafeh and Moroccan Teas please?

Knafeh: Come pick me up!

Warm, sweet, cheesy, crunchy and delicious! What a delight to eat!

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  1. Went to the Bannerman Rd setup...... great atmosphere, highly entertaining and great dessert.

  2. Really enjoyed going to Knefah, great atmosphere and delicious food.