Friday, 3 February 2017

Gaggan, Bangkok

What a great way to end our Bangkok trip with a bang! Gaggan's dishes were indeed just that. 

My desire to eat at this restaurant kick started this trip. Five years ago, my family and I were supposed to dine at Gaggan when it wasn't as famous as it is now. Unfortunately, the whole of Bangkok was flooded for months and we had to cancel all our bookings. Since then I've watched Gaggan moved his way up the culinary ladder at lightning speed. Few months ago, I watched Gaggan's Chef's Table episode on Netflix and that ignited my desire to go again. Lucky for me I have a husband who's equally as foodie mad as me and willing to jump on a plane just to eat at Gaggan. So here we are.

Booking at Gaggan is not as easy at it seems. Their booking system wasn't quite up to my expectations. I suggest you research on other diners' reviews as well as not to get disappointed. They emailed and asked me to provide my credit card details to secure the reservation but I would never give my credit card details over an insecure site or email, not even a chance to eat at Asia's Number 1 Restaurant, so I refused. 

In spite of it all, we still managed to get a reservation at a short notice. We called them instead and called and called and called until someone finally picked up the phone and booked us at 9:15pm. 
(My tip: call them instead of booking through their website.)

Well this explains why they rarely answer when you call them. Their phone was probably set in silent mode. We were seated near the entrance and could see the phone light up each time it rang but no one seems to bother picking it up. We saw it rang a couple of times in different intervals that evening. We rang it just to make sure that phone has the same number posted on their website
(My tip: call them on the day you want to book your reservation between 12-2pm, that way they can tell you if there are any cancellations)

Ganesh, one of the best known and loved Hindu deities.

The menu for this evening. Can you guess what dishes will be served?

Our experience at Gaggan with regards to its service was nothing like what I've read on some of the reviews. The staff that greeted us was welcoming and polite. The waitstaff that served us, Ta is his name if I remember it right, was amazing! He made our experience more enjoyable and fun by keeping us engaged in guessing the ingredients of each dish. Gaggan's idea is to serve the first 16 small dishes like rapid fire. Then next 6 dishes including the mains and desserts shall be served a bit slower.

"Spice + Citrus = Cola"

"Yoghurt Explosion"
 The lovely flavour and silky texture just explodes in your mouth. 
This signature dish is so delicious and a delight to eat.

"Bombay Shel"

Gaggan's dishes were very creative and innovative. The components were arranged artistically and looked pleasing to the eye. How Gaggan incorporates Indian and Japanese flavours amazes me. Something I've never tasted before and it worked really well on my palate. This clever combination of ingredients brought out a unique style 

and flavour to each dish.

Eggplant Cookie

Chilli Bonbon

Green Peas Mushroom Roll

Idly Sambar

Our dinner lasted 3 hours but we came prepared. Took a nap before we came and got our senses ready for this.

The names of the dishes were finally revealed.

68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
+66 2 652 1700

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