Tuesday, 17 October 2017

999 Shan Noodle Shop- Where To Go, What To See and Where To Eat in Yangon, Myanmar (Part 2)

If you are planning a trip to Myanmar, the best time to visit is between November to February when the weather is generally cooler and more pleasant. With sunny clear skies the weather in Yangon couldn't be better. The downtown area of Yangon is walkable and generally the best way to get around is on foot because traffic can be horrendous. We spent the day roaming the streets and markets taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this former capital.

Not far from Sule Pagoda is Maha Bandula Park and Yangon City Hall. 
  Make sure to take the time to admire the impressive colonial architecture in downtown Yangon. 
Sule Pagoda standing beautiful and grand in the midst of a busy street in Downtown Yangon.

 Located two blocks North of the park is the popular Bogyoke Aung San Market also known as Scott Market. This market is the largest and most vibrant in Yangon. A tourist attraction in itself, it is a must-see if you want to marvel the vast selection of traditional Burmese handicrafts. You can also find pretty much any local products here and with 1000 shops under a single roof, it can be pretty overwhelming. 

Everywhere I turned, the city was buzzing with life.

Some skewered meat and offal at a street food stall.

Dressy Burmese sandals.

The way locals commute.

A vendor shoulder carrying her stall in Downtown Yangon.

If you are travelling on a budget but still want to eat well then be sure to check out 999 Shan Noodle Shop.  It's a Burmese restaurant serving noodles from the Shan State region. We were so eager to try this place so we went there and battled for a table. The prices were unbelievably cheap, service very fast and staff was friendly. Dishes looked quite simple but boy, we were overwhelmed by how good and delicious they tasted.

Shan is the eastern most state of Myanmar bordering China, Thai and Laos.
Shan noodle is one of Myanmar's most famous dishes.

Spicy and sour roasted pork

He was the only wait staff upstairs but he can juggle several things at the same time and moves like a bullet. I cannot count the number of times he went running up and down the stairs with such incredible speed.


Shan noodle (oil flavour)

Shan Noodle Soup

Wheat Noodle (oil flavouring)

Pop-up street food vendors are everywhere in Yangon.

This is the famous 19th Street in Chinatown that comes alive after sunset.

This is the place to go for street food in Yangon where you can eat and drink the night away.

Eating, drinking and nightlife in Yangon's Chinatown where lined food stalls sell all kinds of local food and drinks.

Outdoor dining in Yangon.

999 Shan Noodle Shop
130b, 34th Street, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San Market
Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Yangon

Sule Pagoda
Junction of Sule Pagoda Road, Yangon 

Maha Bandula Park
Maha Bandula Park St, Yangon 

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