Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Ali Pacha Restaurante, La Paz, Bolivia

Here's a restaurant taking La Paz by storm and it's called Ali Pacha, a name which means the "universe of plants" in the native Aymara language. This plant-based fine dining restaurant's menu showcases the diversity of Bolivia's exotic ingredients and uses them to create innovative dishes.
 We were served plate after plate of fascinating Bolivian flavours and food worthy of a Michelin Star. Don't let it being vegan put you off because it was an incredible experience from start to finish and I realised I didn't even miss meat in the slightest. The service was polite, friendly and professional but many of the staff do not speak English. That said, do not expect locals to speak English when you visit THEIR country, make an effort to learn a few words or phrases in their language it will go a long way. 

Gorgeous patterned floor tiles.

Cutlery tray and filtered water in bottles.

Sourdough bread served with coconut butter was gobsmackingly delicious!


Beetroot and Corn

Root Vegetables and Fava Beans

Yucca, Mushroom and Quinoa

Receipt came rolled on a mini rolling pin.

Ali Pacha Restaurante
Calle Colón Nº 1306, La Paz, Bolivia
+591 2 2202366

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