Sunday, 7 April 2013

Universal Restaurant, Darlinghurst (Closed)

What could be funkier than red, yellow, orange and hot pink? 
My son thought Universal Restaurant was cool and fun. 
While I love the unique blend of Asian flavours incorporated into their dishes. 
The spices brought a deeper depth of flavour and vibrancy to every dish served. 
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

Few days ago, I was sad to hear that Christine Manfield will be closing her two-hat restaurant soon. This will be another huge blow to Sydney's restaurant scene, 

sad to say. Universal Restaurant will be missed.

Kingfish Ceviche, Heirloom Tomato and Green Chilli Salsa

Lamb's Brain Dumplings with Sausage Soup

Blue Eye Trevalla

Fromage Blanc, Truffles

Duck and Scallops

Pork Belly and Knuckles

Green Chilli and Galangal Braised Wagyu Beef Shin,
Prawn Floss, Wing Beans and Mint

Salmon, Blood Orange with Noodles

Universal Restaurant
(+612) 9331 0709
Republic 2 Courtyard Palmer St
Darlinghurst, NSW

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