Monday, 20 January 2014

Hong Fu Northern East Chinese Restaurant, Parramatta + Giant Rubber Duck, Parramatta River

The giant, inflatable yellow Rubber Duck by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman 
had visited Sydney once again for the Sydney Festival 2014. 
This time, the five-storey high duck floated into the Parramatta River in Parramatta Park to be with the other ducks. 
The world's largest duck has been traveling the world in countries such as France, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Belgium, Australia, China, United States, Azerbaijan and Taiwan. 
 Bon voyage, duckie!

After taking dozens of photos with the duck, we were all hungry. 
So we decided to go for Northeastern Chinese cuisine in Parramatta. 

North East China is historically known as Manchuria. 
During the 1600's, the Manchus of this region conquered China and founded 
the Qing Dynasty, which lasted until the early 1911.

I remember being on that trip to Manchuria with my grandparents 
and brother, twenty-three years ago. 
It was one of the fondest times we had together 
and of course, food was always involved.

Yang Zhou fried rice

Pork and seafood fried dumplings

Stewed sirloin with tomato and potato hot pot

Spring pancakes with shredded potato fillings
That was surprisingly yummy!

Boiled pork with bone

Stir-fry eggplant

Braised sirloin with chilli sauce in hot pot
I love that peppery fragrance and gorgeous red colour of the chilli oil.
It got hotter with every bite and my tongue went numb. 

Toothpick lamb stir fry with spicy sauce
Loving the spicy cumin flavour of this dish!

Hong Fu Northern East Chinese
6/103 George St (entrance on Charles St.)
Parramatta, NSW

02 9891 1225

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