Friday, 16 September 2016

Kinryo in Yakitori Alley, Yurakucho Tokyo

When I first read about Yakitori Alley, I knew I had to visit it on my next trip to Tokyo. Also known as "salaryman's heaven", the area is compact with small alleyways hidden underneath the train tracks where many Japanese commuters and salaryman hang out after work to unwind. The alleys are lined with a wealth of affordable eateries and that took us a while to decide where to eat. Again, we were spoilt for choice. Hubby wanted to try yakitori (skewered chicken) since we were on yakitori alley anyway. So we ended up dining at Kinryo which is located towards the south of Yurakucho station. 

The evening was chilly and
all that walking
made us really hungry so we ordered everything in twos. Inside the restaurant the air was filled with smoke from grilling and nearby people smoking. After awhile I had become immune to the smell and was thoroughly enjoying the experience. The service was fast and food was delicious. You can also hear the loud rumbling of the JR and bullet trains passing by above you and that is certainly an experience that is hard to beat. I want to go back for more.

We were heading towards North of Yuraucho station here still trying to decide where to eat.

Cucumber and hot sake

Fried Cheese Balls and Grilled Tiny Green Peppers

Takoyaki with Leeks

Shishamo (Japanese smelts) is one of Japan's delicacies and popular appetizer. It's so full of eggs that's why I love it! You should definitely try this when in Japan.

Yakitori- Grilled Chicken or Pork
8 Sticks Assorted Platter

Grilled Chicken Wings

Fried Octopus

Another Yakitori platter.

Kinryo, Yurakucho
2-1-20 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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