Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Turpan Restaurant (Halal), Kensington

Uyghur/Uighur cuisine is getting quite popular in Sydney and is one of the more fascinating Chinese cuisines I've ever tasted. China is a huge country and regional cuisines are so complex. So what is Uyghur cuisine? I found it rather intriguing.  Firstly, Uyghurs are one of the many ethnic minorities in China.  They are from the Xin'jiang province which is between Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Their cuisine combines elements of Turkish and Chinese cooking techniques and because they are mostly Muslims the food they serve is halal. 

Turpan Reastaurant, like many Uyghur restaurants I've been to, has its ceiling decorated with hanging plastic grapevines. Apparently, grapevines are aplenty in Xin'jiang.  They line the streets providing shade and shelter specially during the warmer months.

Xin'jiang-Style Savoury Pancakes

Xin'jiang-Style Savoury Pancakes with Chilli Sauce

 Xin'jiang Stir-fried Noodles

Finely Sliced Beef Marinated with Xin'jiang Spices

Xin'jiang-Style Dumplings

Lamb Fillets Pan Fried with Xin'jiang Spices and Chilli Powder
 Cumin is used a lot in Uyghur cooking.

Turpan Restaurant
6/240 Anzac Parade,
02 9662 4558

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