Friday, 3 August 2012

Macaron Master Class at Patisse

Oh Macarons!  They're the most delicious treats in the world.
We dream about them, wish for them and simply couldn't resist them.

I love baking but have been hesitant to make macarons because they seem to be hard to perfect. Then a few months ago, I was fortunate to attend a macaron class by Executive Chef Vincent Gadan from Patisse. I was quite nervous as well as excited since I've never attended a baking class before.

I tried to avoid the traffic and ended up arriving ridiculously early. The Patisse staff was very nice to serve us with orange juice and of course, sweets. Yum!

Macarons can be made using two methods, the French and Italian meringue. The main difference between these two? With Italian meringue you boil the sugar syrup to a certain boiling point while the French just add sugar straight into your egg whites. 
Tonight, we were taught how  to make the Italian meringue.

Vincent showed us how to create quality macarons.

Piping meringue shells.

While we all waited for our macarons to bake, we paused for dinner. 

My Bubblegum-flavoured macarons.

Not all macarons are created equal.

Butter cream filling in Rose, Pistachio, Apple and  Lavender flavours. 
( I forgot the rest of the flavours.)

Et voila! My macarons topped with lustre powders, gold feuilletine sprinkles, dried rose petals and lavenders.

I guess the chef was proud of the macarons I made. 

Poached Williams pear with Valrhona Yuzu mousse and hazelnut croustillant
Vincent gave us a sneak peek of a dessert he was presenting at Taste of Sydney.

Towards the end of the class, Vincent gifted all of us with this beautiful creation called "Le Lit de Roses."  It was inspired by the Bon Jovi song "Bed of Roses."  It was a bed of Raspberry & Rose Mousse with an almond milk dacquoise, vibrant red rose petals & an intricate bedhead of Valrhona Chocolate.

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