Tuesday, 25 September 2012

1945 Dutch East Indies Cuisine, Pyrmont (CLOSED)

A painting of Indonesia's national heroine, Raden Ayu Kartini adorns the dining room.

The concept of fusing Dutch and Indonesian cuisines has always intrigued me. Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony for more than 300 years and "1945" was the year of Indonesian Independence thus giving the restaurant its name.
For lunch we had the Rijsttafel Banquet which  means rice table and is served in small servings to allow the experience of tasting many different flavours and textures.
Now let's have a taste of what Indonesia's vibrant ethnicity has to offer.

the wooden menu holder

Sate Babi (Grilled Pork Satay) & Sate Ajam (Grilled Sweet and Spicy Chicken)

Hot Bandrek (Sweet Spicy Drink Made of Brewed Ginger, Cumin, Cinnamon, Cloves)
Roedjak Air (Finely Grated Exotic Fruits with Pandan Sugar and Lime Juice)

Nasi Koening- Turmeric rice with lemongrass & bayleaf

Shadow puppetry has always fascinated me.

Nasi Bakar Wangi- Mini whitebait coconut rice grilled in banana leaf

Boenteot Bakar Madoe- Grilled honey-glazed oxtail

Babi Ketjap- Stewed Pork Belly

Sambal Oedang Petai- Prawns, Quail Eggs & Sator Beans

Ajam Manis Katjang Mede- Chicken Wings in Caramelised Cashew Sauce

Terong Belado

Would you my readers, enjoy cooking and experimenting with the fusion of cuisines from around the world?

1945 Dutch East Indies Cuisine
Shop 2/42 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
02 9660 9699

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  1. I had a GREAT dinner here at 1945 last year. Loved the food - we had a GREAT prawn dish. Need to go back.

  2. Yum, looks so delicious!!! :) I have not tried this Dutch-infused Indian cuisine before, but I am very interested in the fusion of cultures to bring a new flavour and thanks for sharing this experience of yours, because I am on the lookout for such restaurants :)

    1. Hi Tina... have a try, I'm sure you'll like it as well. I shall post another Indian/Chinese restaurant soon. =)