Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lindt Chocolate Warehouse Sale

I got really excited when I found this deal on the local newspaper. Who doesn't like chocolates?  This year's Lindt Chocolate Sale had a range of fine chocolates sold up to 70% off the retail price!
We arrived an hour before closing and queue was moving in a good pace.
I saw people came out carrying heaps of boxes loaded with chocolates, made me a bit panicky. Eeeek! People went in by batches of twenty and finally, our turn to go in. Yehey!   We managed to buy only enough chocolates to finish just before the best before dates which was only a few months away.

Bars of Lindt Chocolate for only $1 each.

Chaos filled this Lindor Chocolate balls area. Fill a bag for $15.

Oooh la la! We were able to squeeze about 108 balls in each bag!

Hmmm... may not be a good deal for those on a diet.

Lindor Assorted Box $3

Connoisseur Praline 450g $15

My chocolate obsession.

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