Friday, 15 March 2013

Braza Churrascaria, Darling Quarter

Ola! Fans of Aussie backyard barbecue, this place is perfect for you. This is a meat lover's paradise indeed They serve meat in churrasco-style or Brazilian-style barbecue and has an "all you can eat" style menu  where the waiters move around the tables serving meat with the skewers and slicing them at your table. I also love that you get to try everything at a fixed price.

My cork says "green" which means keep them coming.

Ribs slowly roasted over charcoal rotisserie grill.

Brazilian Beer

Feijão Preto – Black Beans
Farofa – Roasted Cassava Flour
Vinagrette – Tomato Salsa,
 Crumbed Banana, Polenta & Cassava Chips,
Arroz – Yellow Rice,
Pao de Queijo – Cheese Bread

Sobre Coxa- Chicken Thigh

Linguiça – Sausage

Costela- Beef Ribs
Ohhh loved that extra smoky flavour.

Fraldinha – Thick Flank

and more meat...

Abacaxi – Pineapple
Pineapples never tasted so good! Yum!

I love dining at Brazilian churrascaria but there's no way I'd be doing this often.
Burp! Ooopsie...

South American Festival at Tumabalong Park

You may also purchase the much loved Brazilian Cheese Bread Mix and Guava Paste which I used on my Guava Cheesecake,  from my friends at Brazilian Style Foods.

Braza Darling Harbour
9286 3733
1-25 Harbour St, Darling Quarter
Darling Harbour NSW

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