Monday, 17 March 2014

Danks Street Depot, Sydney Airport (Closed)

 I like sit-down restaurants located inside the airports
because it makes me feel more relaxed.
Danks Street Depot uses fresh locally produced ingredients 

and dishes come without the shocking price tag of airport food.
 The first time I had breakfast here about three years ago, 
the whole experience was a delight. 
I had truffle creamed eggs which tasted and smelled quite delicious.
The second time I came here it was quite a different story
because no matter how good my breakfast was 
sadly, poor service tainted it. 

Hot Chocolate in a bowl

Bacon Hash
Two poached eggs, herbed tomato, sourdough toast and butter

Creamed Eggs
Truffle oil, roasted field mushrooms, herbed tomato, sourdough toast & butter

Two Poached Eggs
Schultz free range bacon, herbed tomato sourdough toast & butter

Cereals with Sliced Bananas and Milk

Danks Street Depot
Sydney Airport (Terminal 1, International)

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