Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Old Chang Kee, Toast Box, Singapore

I call this vibrant beautiful country my second home. 
Thinking of Singapore gives me a thousand reasons to smile.

The lively ambience of markets, the sights and sounds of street food,
the smell of spices in Little India and the colourful decorations in Chinatown
are just some of the things I miss from my life in Singapore.

Sotong Head
I still miss this snack very much. 

Sotong Heads, Sotong Balls, Fish Balls, Breaded Prawns, Crab Nugget
Feel good snacks!

Kaya toast- toasted bread with kaya or coconut egg jam and butter, 
half-boiled eggs and kopi.
 This is a really popular breakfast combination that is loved and enjoyed 
by many Singaporeans including myself.

Singapore will always remain close to my heart.

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