Friday, 8 May 2015

Bo Innovation, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

British born chef, Alvin Leung also known as "The Demon Chef" 
holds three Michelin stars at his Hong Kong restaurant 
called Bo Innovation. 
He also opened his second restaurant, Bo London in London
which gained its first Michelin star only ten months of its opening. 

We were all pretty impressed with this modern, sleek restaurant. 
 The dishes were exquisite, innovative and well thought out.
I was totally blown away by the Molecular Char Siu Bao.
I popped it in my mouth and WOW! 
What was that?!? The flavours... it all just melted in my mouth. 
What an amazing piece of food art.

The degustation experience was outstanding.
It's no wonder that this restaurant has taken a spot 
in The World's Best 100 Restaurant list.

I'm loving the deep blue hues.

Baked Egg Waffle with Green Onion.
A combination of popular street snacks, Egg Waffle + Green Onion Pancake.

Shanghainese "jolo", Woba, Sugar Snap Peas, Avocado, Lemon

Toro, "wok-air" Powder, Mixed Noodles

 Pouring a bit of the "har mi" oil 
(dried baby shrimps infused in oil for 3 days) on the noodles.

Char Siu Bao

Foie Gras
"mui choy" Caramel Ice Cream, Green Apple

Mao Tai
Hawthorn Lemongrass, Passion Fruit

Red Mullet
Yuzu, Black Bean, Black Barlic, Mullet Roe

Black Truffle, Cauliflower Risotto, Salty Duck Egg Sauce,
Pickled Cauliflower, English Mustard Foam, Duck Jus

Saga-gyu Beef
Black Truffle, "cheung fun" Chinese Steamed Rice Pasta
Braised with Soy Sauce, Taro

Black Soy Ice Cream, Crispy Bean Curd Skin
 Red Date Syrup

Bo Innovation
2F, J Residence, 18 Ship Street,
Wan Chai

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