Monday, 21 March 2016

Saucy Sauce Day at Glenorie Bakery, Glenorie

 Tomato Sauce Day is when Italian families gather together to make passata.
To those who are not familiar with what passata is, it is simply tomato puree.
You might ask how is it different from tomato sauce and tomato paste. Well it's rather quite easy to spot the difference because tomato sauce often includes ingredients such as carrots, garlic, onion, etc. while tomato paste is cook down for several hours until thickened.

The best time to make passata is towards the end of summer when tomatoes are red, ripe and juicy.
  Thanks to Glenorie Bakery, I won tickets to attend this special annual event a few weeks ago. 
I had heaps of fun making the traditional Italian passata & enjoyed myself so much.
It was an amazing day and everyone young and old certainly enjoyed this hands on activity. 
Here are the step-by-step photos on how to make traditional passata. Enjoy!

Wash the tomatoes with water to remove any dirt or grit.

Chop the tomatoes into quarters.

Chopped tomatoes ready to be blanched in boiling water.

Take tomatoes out with a strainer.

Run the tomatoes through a food strainer and repeat 2 more times.
The machine will separate the juice from the skins and seeds.
Catch the juice with a large bowl.

Add sugar and salt and our passata is ready to be bottled!

Using a bigger food strainer.

More music and fun!

Sterilised bottles and basil leaves.

Drop a few basil leaves into the bottle.

Filling bottles with passata.

Kids are working hard.

Sealing the bottles with caps.

The finished product! We get to take home 5 bottles of passata per person. Yehey!

The Sesame Street gang was here to entertain the little ones.

We're having penne for lunch. Yum!

Dig in! There is plenty for everyone!

Quick, easy and delizioso!

Glenorie Bakery
Glenorie Bakery
930 Old Northern Road, Glenorie

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