Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Birthday at the Heart of Eiffel Tower. Le Jules Verne (by Alain Ducasse), Paris

Mystery and charm is really what has kept me so in love with this city for so many years. 
Ah Paris, I have missed you. So happy to be back.

This year, I'm back with my family in Europe and I had the most exciting 
and memorable birthday at the heart of Eiffel Tower in Paris
We had an incredibly awesome meal with stunning panoramic views of the City of Lights at
  celebrity chef Alain Ducasse's Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Jules Verne which is located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Bookings are highly recommended months in advance. 

  The private entrance.
After a quick security screening the lift will take you straight to the restaurant.

The lobby area.

The lift ride up to the restaurant.

Views from the lift.

We were the first ones up there and we were given the best window seats overlooking La Défense.
 This is probably one of the few restaurants in Paris with such a spectacular view.
What a beautiful and rare experience.

An upside down plate.

Our table overlooking La Défense and
the colours running below (The Color Run 2016). 

The world's most colourful run!

Marinated Sea Bream, Bergamot/Lemon Condiment

Duck foie gras poached in delicate broth

Warm green asparagus from Provence, truffled mousseline

Roasted deboned saddle of lamb, panisse and purple mustard

Seared turbot, tiny artichokes and garlic sprouts

Gorgeous dessert.
Crispy "Tower Nut", chocolate from our Manufacture in Paris

be seduced... 

Happy birthday to me. =)
Rhubarb, strawberry jus and almond ice cream

Marshmallow with herbs


Petit fours
Amazing meal accompanied by the best views.

A marriage proposal. 

Madeleine souvenir for each guests to take home.

After the meal, do not leave just yet. 
Not many people know and they won't tell you unless you ask that there is 
an exclusive access to the observation deck reserved only for the use of their guests.
 It's free and there is no need to queue!
Opposite the lift is a flight of stairs, go down and exit through this door (above).
Let the staff know so they can let you back in again.

Et voila!  What a view! 

These views could not be beat. 

Ces't magnifique!

The wrought iron lattice tower.

You can buy these Eiffel Tower lollypops at the souvenir shops in the Tower.

The restaurant is 123 meters up.

Gustave Eiffel's beautiful masterpiece. 

I would certainly love to go back again.
Je t'aime Paris!

Le Jules Verne Restaurant
Restaurant Tour Eiffel
Avenue Gustave Eiffel
75007 Paris

Directions: 2nd floor-South pillar
Access by private lift


  1. Happy birthday! That looks like such an incredible experience!