Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Brasserie Agrea, Ghent

Belgian waffles are truly the best in the world!
In case you are not aware there are two types of waffles, Brussels and Liege. The Brussels waffle is made with yeast-leavened batter which results to a much lighter and crispier waffle. It is rectangular shaped, has deeper holes and light golden in appearance. The Liege waffle is made with a thicker batter which makes the waffle richer and denser. 
It usually comes in plain or flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla.

Belgians eat their waffles plain or simply with sugar on top. Since I was a "tourist",  I could be forgiven for that 
and I proceeded to order mine with cherries on top! Yum! 
 If I have to choose one, I'll certainly go for Brussels waffles as they are very crispy on the surface and so light inside, just the way I like it and I may never want to go back to eating ordinary waffles again. 

(top photo) The Belfry and the Market Hall dominate the square.


Brussels Waffle with Ice Cream, Banana and Chocolate Syrup

Brussels Waffle with Hot Cherries and Whipped Cream

Omelette with Ham and Cheese

The medieval Gravensteen castle standing tall in Ghent's historic centre.
Gravensteen means "castle of the counts" in Dutch.

Brasserie Agrea
Sint-Baafsplein 44, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Located a few meters from Saint Bavo's Cathedral.


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