Saturday, 12 May 2018

Chanrey Tree, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Consistently rated among one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap, Chanrey Tree is all about showcasing traditional Khmer cooking with hints of salty, sweet, spicy and sour flavours. Cambodian food shares many similarities to that of neighbouring Thailand but with less heat and like most Southeast Asian cuisines it relies heavily on rice. It was an enjoyable meal with dishes beautifully presented and tasted wonderful. The stir-fried frog legs were incredibly flavourful, order it. The place offers a casual, relaxed dining in Asian inspired atmosphere. Service was typical Cambodian very friendly, welcoming and helpful. We truly enjoyed our scrumptious meal here.

Beautifully put together Asian inspired furniture and accessories grace the entrance.

Traditional Cambodian massage herbs like turmeric, galangal, ginger, lemongrass and wild lime leaves.

Black (Sticky) Rice is popularly used for making sweet desserts.

Cambodian Banana Chips

One of the most beautiful flowers in the world, the lotus.

Passionfruit and Lemongrass.

Sticky rice

Char Khroeung
Stir-fried frog legs in delicious mix of Khmer spices including lemongrass, turmeric, lime leaf, galangal, garlic, peanuts, Chinese celery and spring onion.

Deep-fried Pork Rib with Grilled Eggplant

Tonle Sap Steamed Fish cashew nut, garlic, shallot, basil, spring onion stem and lime dressing.

Roasted Khmer Chicken
Free range Khmer chicken roasted with honey and rice brady, young jackfruit and lemongrass served with chilli sauce.

The gracious and friendly kitchen staff invited me to view their kitchen.
The lush relaxing ambience.

Chanrey Tree
Pokambor Ave, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
+855 17 799 587

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