Friday, 15 June 2012

Sepia, Sydney

Sepia is the best restaurant I've had the pleasure to eat in. It's one of the top restaurants in Australia and it boasts 3 Chef's Hats (from the Sydney Morning Herald). Sepia fuses French and Japanese techniques and influences.  Every dish was exceptional with the taste, texture as well as the memory of it lingering long after you've taken your last bite.  The dishes were elegantly presented making each truly a work of art. 
Do visit Sepia and make reservations months ahead. It's absolutely fantastic. 
The wait was worth it.

Amuse bouche

Poached Spanner crab, Hijiki seaweed, green tomato and lemon verbena, heirloom tomato mousse, basil

Hubby opted for the wine pairing.

Sashimi of Yellow Fin tuna, Jamon Iberico, poached quail egg, white soy jelly, dashi onion cream, Tasmanian wasabi, puffed buckwheat, red elk

Each course accompanied by a terrific wine.

Scampi tails cooked over Japanese charcoal, miso Hiramasa kingfish, shellfish custard, crystallised wakame, dill picked cucumbers, smoked trout roe, shiso

Soy glazed smoke freshwater eel, amaranth grain, sea urchin cream, arame seaweed, sorrel nori and orange

Roasted Aylesbury dusck breast, sheep yoghurt and apple, honey blackcurrant, fennel, ginger and sansho spiced crumb, Fuyu persimmon caramel

Char grilled pastured fed beef fillet, nameko, roasted buckwheat cream, sea samphire, roasted mustard seeds, salt and vinegar potato starch

Saint Agur and mascarpone cheese, crystallised macadamias, celery cress,
roasted chicory granita.

Need to have this again.

Pre dessert

Autumn Lavender Forest
Soft chocolate, chestnut and praline cream, lavender custard, blackberry sorbet, pomegranate jelly, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, berries, crystallised fennel fronds

Petits Fours and Tea
02 9283 1990

201 Sussex Street, Sydney

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  1. Still looks extremely impressive after all these years and awards.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joey. Yes, I was completely blown away. =)