Monday, 3 October 2011

Homemade Taho

Taho is an age-old traditional Filipino comfort food that can be found all over the Philippines. Taho traces its origin from the Chinese 豆花, literally meaning bean curd flower. It's a snack food made of soft/silken tofu, brown sugar, vanilla syrup and pearl sago or tapioca. Eating Taho brings back a  lot of wonderful memories of my childhood. I remember the wait and chase with the Taho vendor and how much we loved eating it. These Taho vendors are a common sight in the Philippines, they go around and yell TAHOOOOOO!

Filipino expats who miss food from home here is a homemade recipe of Tahoooo! Enjoy!

1 pkt sweet silken tofu
¾ cup dark palm sugar, chopped or shaved (or brown sugar)
pearl tapioca

Melt palm sugar on medium heat in a small pot with a tiny drop of water (I have to remember this next time because I added a bit too much on mine the last time). Set aside to cool to room temperature. Place the tofu on a plate then place into a steamer. Heat up tofu for a few minutes. Once the tofu is warm, remove from the steamer and serve into individual bowls. Top with palm sugar syrup and tapioca.

Recipe from Poh's Kitchen
In Cantonese cuisine Douhua is sold in a wooden bucket as part of the dim sum.

The Cantonese often serve Douhua with sweet ginger syrup. It smelled and tasted absolutely wonderful. (Iron Chef Restaurant, Cabramatta)

Who wants Tahoooo?

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