Monday, 23 September 2013

El Topo, Bondi Junction

Mexicans have keen fascination with skulls and skeletons.
Although some may find it odd but
this Mexican obsession can be seen as a regular motif on pots, scrolls,
garments and other decorative items.

Mexican cuisine is gaining popularity among food-loving Sydneysiders.
The latest of this to sweep into this city is El Topo.
There's been much hype surrounding the roasted crickets they serve here.
So I tried my first cricket,
shocked at finding myself on the verge of eating one
and even more surprised finding myself wanting them more and more!
They're crunchy, salty and dry and tasted quite similar to Filipino anchovy crisps (dilis crisps).
Crickets are not only extremely high in protein, they are also low in calories,
making them a healthy snack to munch on.

Apart from the crickets, the rest of the menu
features a much more serious
modern South-West Mexican option.

Bold colors are a typical feature on Mexican interiors.
Colours and patterns are cheerful and arty.

Are you brave enough to try some of these?

Roast Crickets dusted with Chilli, Garlic and Lime 

Huitlacoche Y Hongos
Mexican Truffle, Mushroom, Salsa Verde and Queso Oaxaqueno

Calamares En Su Tinta
Hawksbury Calamari, Ink Sauce, Pickled Corn, Almond and Kale

Cordero En Adobo Y Frijoles Blancos
Lamb Rump, Mulato Chile Adobo, Walnut and Pinto Bean

This place has a unique atmosphere.            
Skeleton chairs! Bizarre but amusing.

Skull motif used in decoration.

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  1. im not brave enough to try the crickets but i would definitely try the calamari!

    1. oh susan... just close your eyes, pinch your nose, as long as you don't visualise then it's fine. hehe ;-) the calamari was fantastic, a definite must try. =)