Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ekiben or Japanese Train Bento Boxes at Shin-Osaka Station

Ekiben are Japanese boxed meals sold on trains, platforms and train stations.
 It is convenient, affordable, beautifully presented and delicious.
Perfect for the time-poor. Just grab one and go. 

We picked up some ekiben at Shin-Osaka station to eat on the train.

Inside shinkansen or Japanese bullet train.

If you want to travel by green car or first class seat, 
a supplement fee around 30%- 50% more than ordinary cars has to be paid.
You get more spacious seats and it is less crowded. 

Packed with delicious flavours.

Gorgeous boxed lunches.

 Sushi wrapped in pickled leaves, egg and seaweed.

 Sushi ekiben

 You'll never run out of vending machines in Japan. 
They sell just about anything.   

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