Monday, 5 June 2017

What To See, What To Do and Where To Eat in Kanazawa

Located 400 kilometers west of Tokyo, Kanazawa, nicknamed "Little Kyoto" is one of the best preserved cities in Japan. Just last year, new bullet train service were added linking Tokyo to Kanazawa in just 2.5 hours making it easier and more convenient to visit this charming historic old town these days.

Stand on the red line if your train is departing next otherwise stand on the green line and wait for your train to arrive.

 Ekiben shop at the train station. Be prepared... more exciting food to come.
Read more on Ekiben here. 

These little bites of heaven just made my eyes light up.

Unagi Ekiben

Love the lotus root chips!

Chocolate Banana Cream
It's soft, fluffy and not too sweet. Just the way I like it.
Kanazawa Station, listed as one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

 Had an excellent meal at Saburouta.
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Visit Gold Leaf Sakuda and learn how gold is hammered into thin sheets. It's a long process and involves many steps.

Try some tea sprinkled with gold or on your skin perhaps?

 Tiny plates with forks made to resemble a fan.
Of course, do not miss out on Gold Ice Cream
I'm still mesmerized by this awesome golden look.

Even the walls are made of gold.

Historic town of Kanazawa.

We dropped by this place to try some wagashi, a healthy Japanese sweet made of bean paste, rice and fruits.

This type of wagashi served with a bowl of thick matcha, koicha is called omogashi.  
These are sure to delight your palate.


Kenrokuen Garden is known as one of the three top gardens of Japan. It's a must see when in Kanazawa particularly during winter as you are likely to see the yukitsuri, meaning snow suspension, a technique for preserving trees and shrubs from heavy snow. 

Kanazawa is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan.

Sweet rice balls covered with lots of bonito flakes. So yummy!

Enjoy Cherry Blossom Sundae all year round! You can purchase them from this shop, they also have matcha flavour and sundae wrapped in gold leaf. Located on the way up to Kenrokuen Garden.

Coffee, tea or soup on a cold winter day.

Sushi Ippei was certainly one of our most unforgettable dining experiences in Kanazawa.
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Very well preserved lanes and old mansions in Nagamachi, 
Kanazawa's former samurai district.

 Nomura Samurai House
This residence is beautifully preserved and maintained.Give yourself some time to quietly enjoy its gorgeous garden. 


 Kaisen Don at Oumi-cho Kaisen-Donburi Ya Hirai located on the second level of Omicho Market. 
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A visit through Kanazawa's "depachika" with endless eats and free samples is a must for every foodie.

 Kamaboko comes in many different shapes and colours like this Sea Bream-shaped Kamaboko.

 Okiagari Monaka

Discovered this wonderful Hawaiian pancake cafe (Tiki Garden) in a popular shopping mall in Kanazawa. Better go on an empty stomach. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious.


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