Sunday, 24 March 2013

Senyai, CBD Sydney

You don't have to live in Thailand to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. Sydney has an overload of Thai restaurants and possibly the best Thai food outside of Thailand.

I got excited when I heard a brand new Thai restaurant has opened in the CBD at Regent Place. I have to try it!

Can't wait to try some of the new dishes on the menu. 

Thai black tea with milk

Khao Kluk Gapi-  Shrimp Paste Rice

Crispy prawn pancakes- Po Pia Jaan

Barramundi Red Curry
The fish was pleasantly soft it just melted in my mouth.

Pipis stir fried with Thai basil & chilli jam
I love biting into this crunchy pancake that's full of exotic flavours.

Crispy pork belly wok tossed with chilli & Thai broccoli

9283 8686
486 Kent Street,
Regent Place, Sydney

Senyai on Urbanspoon

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