Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Taste of Sydney 2013

It's here again! Succumb to your taste buds at Taste of Sydney!

Taste of Sydney is one of the most exciting food events in Sydney. It's an annual celebration of the city's top chefs and their award-winning restaurants, expert winemakers, artisans and local producers.  You will get the opportunity to taste a great range of food and wine, enjoy the live entertainment or just relax and soak in the atmosphere.

We were lucky to enjoy a beautiful weather today.

 Four in Hand

 Spring bay mussels with chorizo and proscuitto broth


 BBQ Wagyu beef brisket with BBQ sauce and pickle

Chorizo with chimichurri

Slow braised pork cheek and black fungus relish rolls

Lemon curd, muscovado crumb, coffee meringues

Three Blue Ducks

Braised Pork, radish, lemon vebene caramel

Duck, snow pea sprouts, green mango and chilli jam


Icli Kofte
Lamb shoulder with walnut stuffed bulgur shell with yoghurt and isot chilli oil

Deboned roasted Sheep Head with local garlic, cherry tomatoes tandir

Penang Rojak from Jackie M

Cape Grim, I love their steaks.


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