Thursday, 24 October 2013

Casa Brasil, Brazilian Restaurant and Churrascaria, Petersham

Brazil is a large country and unlike the rest of South America which was colonised by Spain,
  was in fact colonised by Portugal.
Brazilian cuisine is a combination of three different cultures, the Portuguese, 
the Africans and  the native Indians.
This colourful mixture is the essence of its culture.
You can taste, hear, experience and see this in its food, music and the faces of the people.

Brazilian barbecue or churrasco is a meat lover's dream.
What's not to love about churrasco especially when you are craving for meat.
Be prepared to be overwhelmed with choices...

Doll in traditional Brazilian attire.                                               Brazilian beer.

Fried Polenta with Farofa (seasoned cassava flour)

Camarão (prawns)                                          Queijo (cheese)

Sobre-coxa de Frango (chicken thigh fillet)

Brazilian sound, from Bosso Nova to Samba!
Linguica de porco (pork sausage)

Picanha (Rump Cap)

Picanha com Pimenta (Chilli Beef)                                                                                               Conxinha de Frango (Chicken Drumettes)

                  Paleta de Porco (Pork Neck)

Casa Brasil
77 New Canterbury Road
Petersham NSW 2049

02 9560 9595

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