Monday, 18 May 2015

Cafe Paci, Darlinghurst

Finnish-born chef and owner, Pasi Petanen was Head Chef 
at the hatted fine dining restaurant Marque.
He has now taken over the premises of the Mexican Taqueria Cafe Pacifico,
and you can still see the faded letters on the signage of the former cafe. 
 We had dinner and celebrated two birthdays and an anniversary at Cafe Paci.
Quite an interesting place. It's relaxed, casual and fun.
Dishes are creative and flavours are unique.
 Staff is friendly and helpful. 
I would love to be back again.

Limpu, fermented rye bread with molasses & home made butter

Rye tortilla, rice custard, egg butter

Potato tart, cos lettuce, smoked almond, egg yolk
and Grissini with mackerel mayo, raspberry powder

*Vegetarian Menu

Trout, parsley, potato, chicken skin

Blue swimmer crab, mustard, pickled melon

Lamb Leg Tartare, Smoked Tomato, Mint, Peas
Eggplant, Peas *Vegetarian Menu

Vietnamese Pho noodles made from potato 
tucked under the beef and Enoki mushrooms.

*Vegetarian Menu

Yoghurt Mousse, Carrot Sorbet and Liquorice

Rye ice cream, apple, white beer, cocoa, malt

Corn and butter candy floss

Pork and Fennel Chocolate
Koala-shaped Chocolate

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  1. oh man i still havent been and i reeeeally want that corn and butter floss!