Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hukuya Sushi Bar, Eastwood

First rule you must remember, make a booking. 
Secondly, bring cash. My friend first introduced me to this sushi place 
and I immediately loved it. It is run by a Korean family but don't let that
put you off because they serve excellent authentic sushi and sashimi.
It's a tiny little place but everyone is wonderful and so was the food.
The place is a must visit for sushi lovers.

As you walk in the door you will be greeted with friendly, 
smiling faces of the staff and sushi chefs.

Deluxe Sashimi

34 pieces fresh thin slices of raw fish and octopus

Eel on rice 

Sushi and Udon

A sensational bowl of deliciousness!

Hukuya Sushi Bar
1/25 Railway Parade, Eastwood NSW 2122

 (02) 9804 8200

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