Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tousuiro (Homemade Tofu Restaurant), Kiyamachi, Kyoto

Kyoto is well known for its tofu. If you wanted to experience tofu ryori (tofu cuisine) in a traditional ryotei setting then try Tousuiro. This restaurant specialises in homemade tofu cuisine and serves them in kaiseki ryori-style (traditional Japanese multi-course haute cuisine).
 It's a unique and delicious way of experiencing tofu in all its forms.

Japanese Tea


Tofu and Spinach

Tofu, Mackarel, Tuna, Octopus

Steamed Egg and Green Pea Tofu

Egg Custard, Fried Bean Curd Yuba with Cream Cheese

Tofu, Mackarel and Spinach

Bean, Mushroom and Tofu Tempura

Rice in Miso

Preserved Vegetables

Strawberry Tofu Ice Cream

Blooming beauty- Sakura

517-3 Kamiosakamachi, Sanjo Agaru Kiyamachi St,
Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto-Shi
075-251-1600 (Japanese only, ask your concierge to book for you)

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