Friday, 6 March 2015

Black Star Pastry, Rosebery

Black Star Pastry really does live up to the hype 
and is one of the best patisserie joints in Sydney.   
Every piece of pastry was utterly delicious. Nom!
Either resist or succumb and indulge.

Orange Cake with Persian Fig  
Can't get enough of this delicious baby!

Best known for their Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream.
Try it and you will understand why.

Pear & Frangipane Tart

My son loves egg tarts, they are his Kryptonite.

Feta, Almond Zucchini Stick (now been cut to pieces)

Black Star Pastry Rosebery
C1 85-113 Dunning Ave Rosebery, NSW 

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